The short version of my long dissertation . . .
Oral Presentation at Loyola Marymount University’s Inaugural Graduate Student Summit
Sound familiar? We actually could keep pivoting.
the goal might be to keep making new goals
Santa Monica High School late 90s glory
and inappropriate and perfect
I can’t recall exactly the moment I saw the name “Illegal Civilization”, but I knew I liked it instantly. (Note: I wrote this in 2017)
We can help unleash the power of our students’ minds. They are interesting people.
As a teacher, I frequently hear, “When does class end?” I respond, “Class never ends.” Eventually they catch on.
Does this give you chills? It should.
grows and grows, and for what? -- Garages and attics full of objects and childhood toys, boxes and hard drives full of writings -- what is the plan and…
That is what this is all about. We don't know until we're there, and we aren't there until we venture into an unknown place.